Meet Kiana, Our Intern at STEPS!

Meet Kiana McDavid, the STEPS intern for the Spring semester!  Kiana is in her Senior year at Southern Connecticut State University. Kiana joins STEPS in making substance abuse prevention a priority in the Southington community. She has been busy learning about prevention and implementation strategies. The Southington resident be graduating with her Bachelor of Science in Public Health in May 2017. Next on Kiana's 'to-do' list is to obtain her Masters of Public Health with a concentration in Epidemiology & Biostatistics in the Fall of 2018. She aspires to tackle health disparities with epidemiological research, provide possible implementation strategies, and new policies. Her favorite thing to do is fish and she's a fan of fishing off the coast of Crescent Lake, in Southington. She also enjoys mediation in her free time.