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The board's photo gallery.

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Executive Committee Members

Kristen Guida, President, Hartford Hospital, kristen.guida kmguida [at]

Chris Palmieri, Vice President, Southington Town Council, cpalmieri [at]

Shane Lockwood, Secretary, Director of Plainville-Southington Regional Health District, lockwoods [at]

Josie Rogala, Treasurer, Teacher Leader at Southington Schools, jrogala [at]

Heather Clinger, At-Large Member, Wheeler Clinic, hclinger [at]

Jim Garstang, Past President, Ameriprise Financial, james.d.garstang [at]


Advisory Board Members

Beth Baker, Civic Sector

Chris Bracken, Healthcare Sector

Julia Brilla, Youth Sector

Chris Chaplinsky, Youth Sector

Jack Eisenmann, Civic Sector

Mark Fazzolari, Civic Sector

Greg Ferry, Education Sector

Officer Tom Gallo, Law Enforcement Sector

Steve Giudice, Business Sector

John Goralski, Media Sector

Tom Lombardi, Town Government Sector

Josh Maccione, Youth Sector

Morgan Maccione, Youth Sector

James McAloon, Education Sector

Lisa Mason, Reducing Substances Sector

Officer Kevin Naranjo, Law Enforcement Sector

Steve Nyerick, Education Sector

Mark Pooler, Youth-Serving Sector

Pastor Joshua Rinas, Faith Sector

Denise Sicotte, Parent Sector

Christina Simms, Youth Serving Sector

Carson Stifel, Youth Sector

Rachel Wache, Military Sector

Gianna Wadowski, Youth Sector


Honorary Board Members

Garry C. Brumback, Town Manager

Chief Harold Clark, Chief of Fire

Chief Jack Daly, Chief of Police

Brian Goralski, Board of Education Chair

Mike Riccio, Town Council Chair 

Timothy Connellan, Superintendant of Schools

John Myers, Executive Director Southington-Cheshire Community YMCA, Founding Member

Victoria Triano, Town Council Member, Founding Member

Sue Saucier, Retired Director of Southington Youth Services, Founding Member



Kelly Leppard, Youth Prevention Coordinator

Megan Albanese, Administrative Assistant


The board's photo gallery.