STEPS Best Practice Guidelines

In an effort to provide assistance to those businesses and organizations that are in direct contact or who are in positions of influence with children,  STEPS has prepared and recommends the following guidelines to protect both the children and those who care for them.  

STEPS Best Practice Guidelines:

1.     Avoid being alone with a child.  Adults should work in tandem to insure a healthy relationship with children.  Even in meeting with a child, do so in an open and well lit place.

2.     Only transport a child in the company of others.  Make sure another person is with you when you give any child a ride in your car.

3.     Every adult working with children in a program or outreach should have a background check including fingerprints done by the local police department.

4.     Do not release a child from your care without knowing that the person picking up the child has permission to do so.  This should be in writing if possible.

5.     The supervising adult should be mindful of each child in their care. They must be aware of each child’s location and well being.

6.     Note any change in the child’s mood or behavior that could indicate a problem either at home or in their surroundings.

7.     Make sure you and your staff are trained and equipped for any emergency that may occur while the child is in your care.

8.     All displays of bulling or violence between children must be addressed immediately.  Although this maybe an excellent time to educate the offending child, it should be clear that this type of behavior is not tolerated or condoned.

9.     Keep ongoing and clear documentation of any issues that occur with a child. The date and time of the incident, who was involved and the outcome is all very important information to maintain. This information is not for review by the general public.  This information is specifically under the control of supervisory personnel.

10. Please call Southington Youth Services for clarification or questions. (860)276-6281