Web Sites with Asset-Building Themes

You can learn more about asset building and each of the eight asset categories by surfing the Web. Some Web sites have practical information. Others have resources. Many have suggestions of other Web sites to visit. Keep in mind that Web sites can change without notice; the sites below were accurate at the time of this printing, but you should confirm the accuracy of each URL before sharing this handout with others.


Asset Building in General

www.search-institute.org—This site is filled with asset-building stories, ideas, and resources for individuals, organizations, and communities interested in asset building.

MVParents.com—A resource developed by the Search Institute specifically for busy, caring parents who want information they can trust about raising responsible children and teens.



www.mentoring.org—The National Mentoring Partnership in Washington, D.C., provides resources for mentors and mentoring initiatives through this Web site.

www.ed.gov/parents—The U.S. Department of Education offers information on family involvement in learning through this Web site.



www.ncpc.org—The National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC), the home of McGruff the Crime Dog, publishes information and quizzes on safety and crime prevention. Check out this site to find out more about what you can do to keep kids safe.

www.youthone.com/volunteer—A place where young people can find information about and opportunities for volunteering.


Boundaries and Expectations

www.rolemodel.net—It is the mission of RoleModel.net to present positive role models to inspire young people to live a life that is more outward focused than inward focused.


Constructive Use of Time

www.nga.gov/kids—National Gallery of Arts’ Kids Page exists to teach children an appreciation for art.

www.fitness.gov—This is the health, physical activity, fitness, and sports information Web site of the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports. You can find out about the Council and its work, view its publications, and link to the resources of other government agencies as well as to health and fitness organizations.

www.childrensmusic.org—Children’s Music Web includes music resources for performers, teachers, parents, and kids.

www.artsedge.kennedy-center.org—Some pages in this Web site are created by students. The site also has information and resources about supporting the arts in school.


Commitment to Learning

www.cbcbooks.org—The Children’s Book Council features books, articles,  and helpful information about reading for pleasure. It also publishes an annual review, called “Children’s Choices” in conjunction with the International Reading Association.

www.eduplace.com—Resources for teachers, parents, and kids. Includes kids’ games and activities for math, reading, language arts, social studies, and more. This site was developed by Houghton-Mifflin publishers.


Positive Values

www.giraffe.org—The Giraffe Heroes Project honors people who “stick their necks out” for the common good.

www.charactercounts.org—The organization Character Counts! has identified “Six Pillars of Character,” which it highlights through this Web site.


Social Competencies

www.womenswork.org/girls—This Web site shows that girls are competent to be and do almost anything. It has a role model registry in addition to references and resources.

www.antiracismnet.org—A site that provides news and information about social justice and anti-racism activities.


Positive Identity

www.pointsoflight.org—Read about more than a thousand “Daily Points of Light”—real people who have made contributions to society in large and small ways.


Developmental Assets® are positive factors within young people, families, communities, schools, and other settings that research has found to be important in promoting the healthy development of young people. From Pass It On! Ready-to-Use Handouts for Asset Builders, Second Edition. Copyright © 2006 by Search Institute®; 612-376-8955; 800-888-7828; www.search-institute.org. This handout may be reproduced for educational, noncommercial uses only (with this copyright line). All rights reserved.